Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sun, sea and style...

So I've got some spare time on my hands over the Easter break and have decided to start a new blog about me! Not the most interesting topic of conversation, but its giving me something to keep my fingers tapping whilst i'm enjoying the lovely weather that is coming our way!

But first, an insight into the life of Lizzi Robson! Well, I'm 21 and originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, where I was born and raised as stereotypical Geordie, you know, the people who have a strange accent and live almost in Scotland? Well yeah, thats my home. I am currently studying a degree in Marketing Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and have almost completed my first year... only two exams to go! So, thats the boring stuff out of the way, now lets get to the interesting stuff; what this blog is all about! The blog will be filled with posts from anything about me, what my latest purchases are, recent outings that I may be going on and just general stuff about my life! Probably not the most interesting thing to read but hopefully it will keep u reading long enough for you to find out more about me!

So... See you in the next post bloggers!

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